May I also operate the lamp without a cooling wind?

Yes, without limitations. All our lights are absolutely heat-proof. Caution! Please be aware the enclosure will heat up during use, however this is completely normal so please take care when handling in order to prevent injury.

How do I store a lithium-ion battery for several months?

Charge the battery ideally to 50-75% and keep the battery in a cool dry place for no longer than 3 months. Temperatures below 15°C are favourable. The fridge in an airtight container is a good option.
Extreme example:
Storage of a fully charged lithium-ion battery at 30°C (direct sunlight) irreversibly damages the battery
it may even fail completely.

How often can I recharge a lithium-ion battery pack, what is the life expectancy?

The life of a battery pack depends on different factors. On the cell type, on how much it is used and on how it is treated. In general, a life of 300-400 charging/discharging cycles can be assumed before the battery’s capacity decreases significantly (80% of the nominal value). This corresponds to a minimum period of use of approximately 2-3 years if the battery is used twice a week. With careful storage when the battery is not in use, a life of 2-3 years is realistic.

Are our lamps waterproof?

The Gloworm X series lights are designed to an IP67 rating. This means they can be submersed but it is not recommended. The CX series is designed to an IP65 rating which means they are dust tight and can be used in rainy conditions.

Which LEDs do Gloworm use in its lights?

Gloworm utilises CREE LEDs.
Cree is the market-leading innovator of lighting-class LEDs.
Currently we only use the XML2 LEDs and XPG2 LEDS in the CX Urban lights.

What is the life expectancy of the LEDs?

The LEDs we use boast an almost unlimited life expectancy. Therefore, it rather makes sense to look at how the luminance decreases over time. Our long-term tests indicate that the LEDs lose merely about 10% of their luminance after 2 years of PERMANENT operation (17,500 hours).
To make it short: Life expectancy is no longer an issue!

Will I be charged customs and import taxes?

For shipments in EU countries no customs and import charges are applied.

For countries outside EU all customs and import taxes are calculated and charged once the parcel reaches its destination country.
These charges are to be paid by the recipient and unfortunately we have no control over them.
We cannot tell you the import duty and taxes as they vary from country to country.