Review: G1.0 X2 –

Gloworm X2 Advanced Lights With Wireless Control

The latest range of Gloworm lights has all been given a load of improvements for 2018. The X2 comes with a wireless remote button meaning you don?t have to mess around too much with the installation process or worry about where to route wiring.

The Gloworm X2 also has thicker High Flex Cables which are 4.5m in diameter whereas previous versions of the light had the older 3.8mm cable. The thicker cable is designed to allow the internal wires to move more freely and should improve durability.

Other updates for the X2 induce a wide-angle optic, improved programming for ease of use and a universal mounting system which actually works with all Gloworm light systems. The 1700 lumen system has a claimed runtime of 3 hours and weighs 89g.

Gloworm Alpha Lights

For nightriders on a budget, the Gloworm Alpha light set could be one to keep an eye on.

While the Alpha doesn?t get the same wireless control as the X2 it does get the dame updated programming for easier use. The 1200 lumen system uses the same mounting system as the rest of the Gloworm range and offers a 2-hour runtime on maximum brightness.

The lack of fancy features means that the Alpha is actually 25% lighter than the X2 at just 69g (light only) and is the smallest light in the Gloworm range.