Refurbished Gloworm CX Trail (1300 Lumens)

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Refurbished units may have some aesthetic?imperfections however perform 100% as they should. Includes a brand new?battery and accessories and a 6 month warranty.?

The revolutionary CX takes innovation to a new level. The CX is much more than a well priced commuter light ? the CX series takes all-in-one lighting into the future. The CX uses custom replaceable optics to produce a beam perfect for the desired application, for convenience it is USB chargeable and can be mounted seamlessly on the bars or helmet.

Weighing only 200 grams, the CX can be charged whilst being used meaning it can be charged using a dynamo USB device. The CX is OTG (On The Go) capable and can be used to charge other devices, such as your phone or GPS.

The CX has a replaceable battery for extended runtimes and utilises common mounting sytems for ultimate versatility. It also comes with a removable wired remote allowing safe use of the light without needing to remove your hands from the bars.

Simple convenience!

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IMT Programmes

TRAIL?? LOW ?> ?MEDIUM ?> ?HIGH. ?SPECIAL MODE??> ?SUPER DIM (10 days runtime) (All programmable to user requirements)

COMMUTE?? LOW ?> ?HIGH. ?SPECIAL MODE??> ?FLASH (2HZ ? Low/High) (All programmable to user requirements)

Special modes are activiated by holding down the button for 2 seconds. This allows the user to use the light without the need to cycle through the special mode (or off) and therefore interupting the steady beam of light.

The light is shutdown by holding the button for approximately 5 seconds. IMT gives the user the flexibility of mulitple programme options without being restricted to factory settings.

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