Noxgear’s Lighthound LED dog harness


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  • Robust, water-repellent and extremely luminous
  • Rechargeable battery – burns for up to 12 hours
  • Up to 400 meters of visibility
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The last evening lap at dusk, romping around in the garden or the refreshing early morning walk … we know that your dog is more than a pet, it is your companion. We developed the LightHound LED dog harness to allow you to be even more visible and relax during your activities together.

Rugged Cordura Fabric

Exceptionally strong, ultralight, breathable, and easy to clean- the base of LightHound’s harness is crafted from a single piece of CORDURA® nylon fabric so your pup can wear it while playing rough and getting dirty.

High-Strength Construction

Combining high-strength stitching and reinforced stitching patterns, the LightHound’s leash ring webbing is secured to the Cordura fabric along the entire length of the harness, making LightHound comfortable for even the hardest pulling pups.

LightHound makes your pup visible for more:

  • Morning Runs
  • Night Walks
  • Wintertime
  • Yard Playtime
  • Search & Rescue
  • Hunting

Technical Data


  • Low Profile, Integrated Battery and Electronics Enclosure
  • Super Bright CREE LEDs
  • Solid Core, Super Side Light Fiber Optic CableFlexible
  • Heat and Electricity Free
  • High Efficiency
  • Solid Optical Gel Core
  • All Weather / Season Design
  • Up to 12 hours battery life
  • Noxgear’s Unique Always Bright Electronics
  • High Quality, Durable and Chaff-free Elastic Belt Material
  • Water Resistant Design

light modes



Graphics: multicolor flashing modes


Maximum visibility means attracting attention. Our LightHound’s fiber optic LED channels have built-in flashing patterns developed using visual science. Maximum visibility from dusk to dawn

Graphics: solid colors


Light full-tone colors let the entire attention of his surroundings focus on him. Switch between red, yellow, magenta, blue, purple, pink, green or cyan – your darling will be the star of all the stars!

Graphics: lighting


Our patented technology ensures that your best friend is extremely brightly lit and super visible at all times. No matter how full or almost empty the battery is – the LightHound reports when its battery is empty and you have enough time to leash your dog.

size chart

Measure the circumference of your rib cage for ideal support


Product size Weight Chest circumference example
S. up to 6.5 kg 31 – 53 cm dachshund
M. 6.5 – 20 kg 44 – 76 cm beagle
L. 18 – 43 kg 60 – 101 cm Labrador
XL from 40.5 kg 82 – 127 cm German Mastiff


For perfectionists …
don’t worry too much that the size is just right
The LightHound’s belt is adjustable at both the neck and the chest, so that you can find the ideal fit for your four-legged friend!
We also do not ask you to compare our size classifications with those of other manufacturers



  • Is the vest strong enough for my dog ​​pulling hard?

We recommend that you always lead your dog in combination with a lead designed and approved for use
(collar, orthopedic chest harness) and leash in accordance with the enclosed instructions for use

The LightHound can easily be put on over any common harness, raincoat or winter coat (for the dog)

According to the manufacturer, the robust workmanship of the LightHound can withstand a short-term tensile force of the equivalent of 80kg

If its behavior corresponds to that of an obedient dog, you can easily rely on the processing of the seam and the strength of the leash ring of your NOXGEAR LightHound



  • Can my dog ​​swim with the LightHound?

the light housing itself is not waterproof (according to IP) and the electronics are likely to be severely damaged if immersed

however, the light housing can be removed from the harness so that your dog can wear the harness in the water.



  • Can I also use the LightHound in minus degrees?

YES, the electronics have been equipped with a safety mechanism that switches off the device when it gets too cold
However, the actual operating temperature will depend on how active the wearer is (how much body heat is being generated) and how long the device is exposed to the actual cold
It can therefore be operated at outside temperatures down to -20 degrees, but the factors mentioned above determine how long.

In general, nothing stands in the way of using it on long walks, as long as they don’t last all night

what's included

The LightHound in the size of your choice
(consisting of the chest harness with leash ring, the electronic part or LED electronic part
and a screw that connects the electronic part and the chest harness)

also you get a micro-USB charging cable and  instructions for use in English and in German


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