Gloworm Power Cable (G2.0)


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20% discount on accessories when purchased with a lightset


the USB-C Power Cable is unique to Gloworm
featuring ‘EasyRelease’ Connectors, the Power Cable makes Gloworm Lights more efficient, less cumbersome and extremely versatile


comes in 2 types for you to choose :

  • regular, 33cm
  • long, 130cm



the light system when connected is fully waterproof and robust, however care must be taken when removing the USB-C cable in wet conditions
moisture will not damage the port or the cable, but the electronics will not operate until connectors/ports are dry



Care Of The Cable

  • Ensure the cable ends are kept as dry as possible and free of debris
  • If a connector does get wet, usually a quick shake or shot of compressed air will dry it sufficiently
  • Ensure the connector o-ring is in place before connecting the cable to light or power pack