Gloworm Li-ion Batteries (G1.0)

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The Gloworm Li-ion Batteries (G1.0) are compatible with Alpha (G1.0), Alpha Plus (G1.0), X2 Adventure (G1.0), X2 (G1.0), XS (G1.0) and XSV (G1.0) lightheads

20% discount on accessories when purchased with a lightset


  • Panasonic Li-ion cells for maximum quality and safety
  • sealed and 100% waterproof
  • highest quality NZ designed battery



Gloworm batteries use only pre-selected premium Panasonic lithium-ion cells

Panasonic are the world’s leading lithium-ion battery cell manufacturers and their cells are the highest possible quality in terms of energy density, long life and safety
The batteries are rigorously tested for quality and safety before sale.

Gloworm batteries undergo a waterproof sealing process which makes them 100% weatherproof so you can now use your bike light with total confidence whatever the weather

either as a range extension or as a replacement for your old battery, this is the battery for your Gloworm lighthead


  • 7.4V 3400mAh/6800mAh (2/4 High Capacity Cells) lithium-ion battery


  • Recommended to be used only with the Gloworm lithium-ion smart battery charger


  • Highest quality Panasonic lithium-ion cells


  • Battery protection circuit to prevent overcharge, overdischarge, incorrect charging, short circuit and polarity reversal


  • Weighing in at a mere 120g/225g!