Gloworm Lights are excited to announce the release of their all new G2.0 range of bicycle and adventure lighting systems. The Gloworm G2.0 range creates a new standard in performance, technology and user experience.

The G2.0 range of Gloworm lights covers five new models; the 2000 lumen X2 and X2 Adventure, the 2800 lumen XS and XS Adventure, and the 3600 lumen XSV. Core to the new range is unparalleled levels of technology, durability and customisation. Gloworm lights have been at the forefront of LED bicycle light development and the new G2.0 systems pushes this development even further through improvements to every aspect of the lighting system.

The Gloworm G2.0 system begins with class leading Gloworm lights and optics which have been further refined to optimise the night riding experience, however the real evolution of the G2.0 system lies in the entirely new Bluetooth control unit, app-based ability to create user-defined custom settings, and an all new USB-C weatherproofed cable & battery system.

Bluetooth control unit

The new handlebar mounted bluetooth control unit is the first of its kind. Mounted sleekly on the handlebar, the new wireless control unit allows users to quickly turn their lights on and off, switch between modes, [and also control multiple lights together]. Bluetooth connectivity pairs easily, and creates a reliable control point, all without any cable clutter. Oversized buttons are easily controllable with gloves – even in the dark!  

Gloworm Link App

Riding at night has never been more customisable! With years of feedback from loyal customers and brand ambassadors Gloworm has now met the needs of the diverse range of athletes who use their systems. With an all new intuitive app, Gloworm G2.0 lights are now more programmable than ever, allowing users to quickly pre-program desired settings for their G2.0 lights that can be easily toggled through the handlebar remote when riding. The app also allows users to check available runtime as well as overall battery health.

All new battery and cable systems

With the all new USB-C ‘Power Packs’, Gloworm G2.0 lights do so much more than just light up your ride. Use them as a battery bank to charge phones, GPS devices, or any other USB powered device. The new USB-C cable system also boasts improved reliability by incorporating our latest ‘EasyRelease’ connections, designed to prevent damage to cable, socket or rider by pulling free in the case of accident or impact, all while providing new levels water-tightness between connections – our new cable system is rated at IP67! (That’s really really wet!) The G2.0 Power Pack also features an O-LED display with precise battery level readouts as well as estimated available runtime so you’ll never be caught in the dark. With new ergonomics and rubberised frame protection your G2.0 Power Pack will mount more securely than ever giving you confidence to tackle any terrain, and with optional fast charging you never need to miss out on a ride! Forgot to charge your lights from your last ride? With the X2 Adventure you can plug in the fast charger and in just 90 min you are good to go for nearly 2 hours of riding.


With premium optics and weather proofing, superior batteries, and an all new app to tune your system to your exact needs with just the push of a button, the all new Gloworm G2.0 lighting systems are ready to give you the best night riding experience. Because it’s more fun with the lights on!