Luminous is a boutique distributor and re seller of some of the most innovative and reliable light systems for bikes and adventures.
It currently stocks Gloworm Performance Products mountain bike lights and accessories from New Zealand and Noxgear’s LightHound LED Harness for our dog companions. More quality brands are about to join our line.

Luminous aims to provide a source for extraordinary lighting products to riders. We strive to provide outstanding customer and after sales service. All LED bike light sets bought from Luminous website include a 5 days no questions asked return policy.
Luminous prides itself to offer a 2-year international warranty for the Lighthead and a 1-year warranty for the batteries. Luminous serves as an upgrade and repair center for Gloworm.
Luminous stocks the latest line of Gloworm performance products. All brand new light-sets, ready to escort you in your mountain biking, urban or hiking adventure.

Mountain Bike Lights

Gloworm lights, designed and engineered in New Zealand, has gained a great reputation among Mountain bikers all over the world. Gloworm lights are well known for their accurate brightness and run-time claims, their wireless control, their intuitive mounting systems and for their reliability under the most extreme weather conditions.
Tested and proven by world class athletes who are at the top of their game! Reviewed by the most influencial magazines in the mountain bike industry! It is fair to say that Gloworm offers some of the best LED mountain bike lights in the market!

With a Gloworm attached to your helmet or bars, a whole new exciting world of adventure awaits you!

Regardless if you are a seasoned professional or a weekend warrior, having a top quality, high performing light system is a must!

  • The Gloworm XSV, a powerhouse light at 3000 lumens, designed to turn night into day with wireless control is the new entry for 2018. (coming).
  • The Gloworm XS which provides 2500 lumens of brightness and the best weight to lumen ratio in its category.
  • The Gloworm X2, an all around powerhouse perfect both as a helmet mounted bike light and bar mounted bike light.
  • The Gloworm Alpha, a entry level but vicious little light ideal for mountain biking, adventure racing and the outdoors.
  • The Gloworm CX, a self contained commuter light with USB charging capability. Still a Gloworm light which means: Trail ready.

Meet the Luminous team:


Director, manufacturing and sourcing


customer service, social media & communications warrior


Engineering, repairs and technical brain


Operations expert and advisor