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Gloworm lights shipped from within EU


Luminous is a boutique distributor and reseller of some of the most innovative and reliable light systems for bikes and adventures. It currently stocks Gloworm Performance Products from New Zealand with more quality brands about to join our line.

Gloworm Lights use Cree LEDs mounted side-by-side. The?XS 2500?housing has three bulbs while the?X2?has a pair. Both ship with a variety of mounting options. A quick release can screw into the side of the light and clamp around the handlebars, or a GoPro mount can be used on a helmet. Both lights include a 4-cell battery. The XS 2500 promises two hours on the brightest 2500-lumen setting and 36 hours at the lowest 200-lumen setting. The 1700-lumen output of the X2 will last three hours on high or up to five days at 100 lumens (I didn?t try leaving it on for five days). All Gloworm lights ship with four specific levels of brightness, but thanks to Intelligent Mode Technology (IMT) these settings are completely customizable using?these steps. The XS and XS also include a 2-button wireless remote. Assuming you have two lights, you can control both of them simultaneously with the same button or operate them independently using both buttons on a single remote

Gloworm X2 Advanced Lights With Wireless Control The latest range of Gloworm lights has all been given a load of improvements for 2018. The X2 comes with a wireless remote button meaning you don?t have to mess around too much with the installation process or worry about where to route wiring. The Gloworm X2 also has thicker High Flex Cables which are 4.5m in diameter whereas previous versions of the light had the older 3.8mm cable. The thicker cable is designed to allow the internal wires to move more freely and should improve durability. Other updates for the X2 induce a wide-angle optic, improved programming for ease of use and a universal mounting system which actually works with all Gloworm light systems. The 1700 lumen system has a claimed runtime of 3 hours and weighs 89g.   Gloworm Alpha Lights For nightriders on a budget, the Gloworm Alpha light set could be one to keep an eye on. While the Alpha doesn?t get the same wireless control as the X2 it does get the dame updated programming for easier use. The 1200 lumen system uses the same mounting system as the rest of the Gloworm range and offers a 2-hour runtime on maximum brightness. The lack of fancy features means that the Alpha is actually 25% lighter than the X2 at just 69g (light only) and is the smallest light in the Gloworm range.

?Bang your buck the Glowworm X2 Adventure at just over $200 would be my personally choice if I were buying just one unit though. With the Gloworm?s very high quality build and great beam pattern it?s pretty hard to beat as a single unit.?    

?A super lightweight light with a heavyweight feel and an unmistakeably attractive price tag. The Alpha 1200 is a great light for those looking for an affordable light on its own or anyone wanting to increase the output of their current set up. At this price, you might even be tempted to get one as a reliable spare!?

If you're an irregular night rider, or looking for a versatile and powerful light from a local brand, the X2 Adventure is an excellent option. It's bright, easy to use and reliable. The regular X2 is a slightly more bar (or bike) specific unit with it's bigger battery and longer burn time. The wireless remote is an excellent feature, is simple to pair and easy to use.?